Vision and sound play a huge part in our experiences as humans, what happens when sound we hear is in conflict with what we are seeing? Discourse invites the viewer to explore the notion that sound affects our visual experiences. Spinning in the forest, taking in the sky, the breeze, feeling serene, flowing, alive, losing control, out of control, anxiety, tragedy, falling, joyful, letting go, taking in your surroundings. Our experiences of the same surroundings are unique, the spinning forest allows you to choose sounds, while experiencing the same visuals. How does each sound impact you?

Differing sounds with the same video can create intensity and serenity in the viewer experience.

Looking out of the ferry window, gliding down the inlet smoothly, the vibration and hum of the machinery and engines in stark contrast. Sound is overpowering, the view is gently moving. This video was captured on an early morning ferry between Earl’s Cove and Saltery Bay, BC, passengers were quiet in their morning routines, windows scratched and the seats uncomfy and worn. Watching the scene move memorized yet the sound distracting, which sense wins for you – sight or sound?

Alison Beaumont grew up in England, moving to the Okanagan in 2008. Starting with an interest in photography in high school she went on to student art at college, then completed a BA in Photography & Design at Staffordshire University, UK. Developing her practice as an artist, currently she is focused on using photography, video & sound to explore, ideas of community, experience of space and inward reflection. In addition, she has studied Therapeutic Photography at Robert Gordon University, Scotland, using a therapeutic approach her work continues to grow exploring themes of identity, loss, mindfulness and expression of feelings. Since 2017 Alison has taught digital photography classes at Okanagan College in Kelowna as well as workshops in the community.

Discourse will be on view at the Alternator from June 21 to July 6, 2019. To see more of Alison’s work visit, or find her on Instagram