Alternator ArtMart Submission Form

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Proposal Information

In a single PDF, please include the following information:
1. A brief (approximately 15 word) description of the artwork. (If selected, this description will be used for promotion on the vending machine’s digital screen. It will not be evaluated as part of your proposal.)
2. A brief (approximately 50 word) artist statement.
3. Provide a detailed description of the project, including information about the medium, which size vending machine slot is best for your submission (as outlined in guidelines), price of items available, the number of works in the edition (between 15-30) and any other information about the formal qualities of the work. (Maximum 250 words)
4. Provide information about how this project is aligned to the Alternator’s mandate. (Maximum 250 words)
5. Are there any other details or information that will help us better understand your project? Include them here. (Maximum 100 words)
6. Embed a minimum of one, and maximum of 10 images that will help us visualize your project. This may include sketches or models of works that have yet to be produced, or images of completed work(s).
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