November 8, 2019 to January 4, 2020

Kelowna’s favourite (and only) art vending machine is back for its final edition of 2019! 

This time we’re doing something special: a partnership with Cool Arts! The incredible members of the Cool Arts Society have been working for months to create colourful sculptures and objects for the ArtMart. Every piece is one of a kind. 

Cool Arts is dedicated to providing Fine Arts opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities living in the Central Okanagan. They provide their artists with the avenues they need to pursue their artistic goals and development, as well as to share their unique creative perspectives with the world.

Here’s a peak at what you’ll find in this edition of ArtMart:

Little Layers

$5 each

Pressed, patted, padded and even pleated. These soft abstractions celebrate everyday objects in the form of plushy sculptural creations. Set it down on your end table, put it beside you to brighten you mood as you work, even bring them out for afternoon tea! Each of these fun and eccentric little accent pieces has a unique and endearing quality that will make you burst into a smile every time you set eyes on them!

Pocket Paintings

$12 each

Acrylic on canvas, created in collaboration through the hands of multiple Cool Arts artists — not for the endless debate of what to put in that large front space in your hall — just for that one little pocket in need of a painting on your wall! Where typically collaborative art work is created in large grandeur, these co-created pieces were created with just the opposite in mind. Democratized and portable-ized, these works were made to go anywhere, yes, even your pocket!

Texture Tiles

$8 each

Rough and squiggly, soft and crunchy, smooth and bumpy. These art tiles, mounted on cork and framed atop mat board, are not only an aesthetic delight, but offer a whole other dimension to be experienced in, unique to each artists’ hand that created them; touch, texture, and the tactile delight of exquisitely curated things to be felt!

Fibre Friends

$6 each

Cute cuddly soft and unique! Each of these individual characters is a lovingly created hand-felted, wrapped, and woven fluffy creature. The characteristics of each artist are embedded in the distinct faces, features, and fuzz of every Fibre Friend just waiting to be your new best friend! Each has a story to tell and each has a story yet to be told by you!

Small Sculptures

$4 each

Scale speaks volumes! And in the case of sculpture, scale has enabled the genre to dominate everything from city skylines to the flow of foot traffic. So why not turn that relationship on its head? Each of these delicately crafted sculptures does just that; saying more with less and using subtlety to speak the language of each of these pieces’ sculptures’ hearts; speaking large on the smallest scale!

ArtMart: Cool Arts will be on view in the atrium of the Rotary Centre for the Arts from November 8th, 2019 to January 4, 2020.