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Aiden de Vin: Interwoven

Aiden de Vin’s work explores ideas around materiality and colour theory. She believes that her work connects a modern practice of painting back to the roots of the materials. Each work aims to explore the way colour and materials interact. De Vin find inspiration in the lines that make up our lives, the connections and…

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Holly Ward: humynatur3

September 20 – November 2 humynatur3 explores the dissolution of Nature/Culture distinctions as emergent in the Anthropocene, a new geological era wherein human activity has influenced the course of all non-human systems, towards unprecedented outcomes.  In this context, hierarchical classifications distinguishing between biological organisms, environmental processes and ‘animal’ vs. human pursuits are dissolved, creating the ‘Terra…

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Ryan! Feddersen: Seeking Visions for a Better World

Seeking Visions for a Better World is a call for images and aspirational sentiments that invoke constructive visions of the future to counterbalance the preponderance of dystopic visions presented in pop-culture, literature, and media. Inspired by traditional pictographs and contemporary graffiti culture, this collection of visions creates space for a dialogue where we can build on…

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Alison Beaumont: Discourse

Vision and sound play a huge part in our experiences as humans, what happens when sound we hear is in conflict with what we are seeing? Discourse invites the viewer to explore the notion that sound affects our visual experiences. Spinning in the forest, taking in the sky, the breeze, feeling serene, flowing, alive, losing…

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Dreams & Nightmares

A COLLECTION OF WORK BY STUDIO9 SENIOR STUDENTS Dreams and Nightmares features a collection of work created by the senior students of Studio9 Independent School of the Arts. This collection features some of the students’ most conceptually developed pieces, as they are derivative of each individuals’ perceptions of their subconscious or personal story. Having chosen…

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