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Patrick Lundeen: Noise Farm

January 11 – February 23 Patrick Lundeen’s images are generated primarily by his subconscious through a combination of improvisation and revision. This process involves a combination of freely associating with meanings already existent within the found materials that he manipulates and the generation of new forms that are based on his reaction to these free…

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Get dressed so ur ready

Get dressed so ur ready Opening Friday, December 14th 6-10pm in Studio 111   What gear will get us ready for the sixth mass-extinction? Get dressed so ur ready answers with a scene reminiscent of a science-fiction alien outbreak. Futuristic equipment, human-like structures, and parasitic forms confront you throughout the installation. The scene breaks down…

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Joanne Salé: Connections

Joanne Salé’s installation is part of a larger body of work that is collectively titled ‘Connections’, which includes both drawings and installation, all of which are process oriented. Salé is attracted to patterns in nature, and their repetition among seemingly unrelated phenomena. She was initially drawn to the edges of trees and thickets with their…

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Intermission: Mirage

Mirage is a multimedia exhibition which combines sculpture and animation. Within the art pieces, the natural and synthetic intersect. The artists, Joe Fowler, Carmen Winther, Evan Berg, and Nav, work within this overlap of binary themes to create a surreal experience for the viewer. Mirage will run from October 19 to November 10, 2018. There will…

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Katharine Almas: Reality

Is the human experiment working? To change, we must see what we have created exactly as it is. To deny, avoid, and delegate is not working. Katharine Doyle Almas explores these concepts in her painting series, Reality.  In reaction to current events and media, she fills her paintings with provocative imagery. Each is a reflection…

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Counter Culture Pub Crawl

Join the Alternator on October 19th for the Counter Culture Pub Crawl fundraiser! Explore art venues and pubs throughout Kelowna’s Cultural District. Immediately following our Triple opening reception, guests will grab discounted beers from some of Kelowna’s most popular local breweries and visit active artist studios. The Counter Culture Pub Crawl will be a fun night…

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