January 6 – January 21, 2017

Cage Match is a digital media installation by artists Evan Berg and Mathew Glenn. By “making the familiar strange” Cage Match aims to turn the heteronormative hyper masculine white male into “the other”. Contemporary media relies on and (re)produces hegemonic gendered and racialized subject positions through its representational practices that work to maintain a heteropatriarchy within the media, consequently placing the white male in the most dominant roles. In doing so, women and non-white people are often underrepresented or misrepresented, if represented at all. Cage Match responds to this media infrastructure by using subjects that are conventionally used to re-enforce masculinity and heteronormativity and removing them from their intended context. The subjects in the installation lose control of their representation and are rid of their agency. Cage Match critiques the construction of masculinity perpetuated through the mainstream media by obscuring familiar images and pushing viewers to question how these images reflect on their own identity.

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