What is the Colour of the Wind? belongs to a new series of works “Color Natures” developed by Charles Chau since 2016 that aims to explore an experimental painterly style. Chau explains: “The process of adding layers and textures of colour paints onto the canvas is itself multiple, evolving phenomena.” To the artist, it is marks of days, weeks, or months, and in some works years of dialogue between him and the world around him through observation, imagination, and other reflective interactions in the art making.

Charles Chau is a contemporary artist originally from Hong Kong. He has hold solo exhibitions “Mountain Vastness” at the Fringe Gallery, Hong Kong (2013, Black Series); and the prestigious Opposite House, Beijing (2014, White Series) with his mega-size installations and paintings. Many an art critics called his art as drawing inspiration from modern architecture and traditional Chinese calligraphy. Charles is an undergraduate from the

University of Hong Kong, major in Philosophy and Fine Arts, and is now residing in Kelowna.