January 24 – March 7, 2020

Through performance, video, photography, and text-based works, Christopher Lacroix’s practice interrogates the relentless effort of queer existence, an existence that both desires and rejects a normative system that makes deviant ways of being inadequate.

The paradox of aspiration and refusal results in a crisis of self which Lacroix enacts on a ludicrous scale. This is often embodied in performances, material explorations, puns and linguistic slippages infused with a tragic bathos in which he is exorcising the aspirations to belong and reject. What results is a queer masochism that explores abject self-deprecation as a means of self-preservation and resistance.

Part One: There is a minimum to operate properly will be on view in the Alternator’s main gallery space from January 24 to March 7, 2020. An opening reception will be held from 6-8pm on Friday, January 24.