Dreams and Nightmares features a collection of work created by the senior students of Studio9 Independent School of the Arts. This collection features some of the students’ most conceptually developed pieces, as they are derivative of each individuals’ perceptions of their subconscious or personal story. Having chosen a theme based around conscious/unconscious activity, the students’ allow themselves to explore and express their innermost thoughts, fears, desires, and more. 

In this body of work, the viewer will discover a wide array of techniques, materials, and methods including wood sculpture, mixed media, painting, and installation.  

Dreams & Nightmares will be on view at the Alternator from June 6 to June 15, 2019.

Ava Clark

A Colourful Dream |Graphite and Watercolour Pencils

I chose a clown because I found a lot of inspiration from the movie IT and often clowns make people uncomfortable. I personally don’t have any traumatic experiences with clowns but in the movie the clown was genuinely frightening. I wanted to capture that unsettling feeling with hints of a classic circus impression. When I hear the word clown I don’t see a happy clown, I see a horrifying, evil clown that causes night terrors. I’ve never met a person who loves clowns and would want one to appear in their dreams. The other objects represent the transformation from human into the monster. Dreams are not easily understandable and sometimes leave the dreamer uncomfortable and unsettled. As do clowns.

Dalayna Abousoush

In Yourself | Paint on Canvas

For this piece I have decided to call it “In yourself.” I chose this title because everyone gets caught up in their own head space and when this happens it takes you into a world that almost disallows you to ‘see’ anything else going on around you. I can relate to this idea because I have gone through this stage on more than one occasion where I am so caught up in my own world that it has made me oblivious to my surroundings. 

This concept is addressed in my painting by the way her eyes look as if she is “in the zone”; like she is unaware of anything outside her focused state. At the same time, the background shows that she is in a calm, zen-like place. While this piece is meant to show that it is important to be aware of your surroundings, it also shows that it’s important to look inward and get ‘in the zone’ to manage stress and daily life.   

Aoi Mitsui

Vision |Canvas and Glass

This piece addresses something that I have always wanted to express about the world.

I chose a city, which is stereotypical of the world of illusion. I talk about this world in relation to its vain visions, desires, and dreams. In this piece I explore the notion that just one thing will ultimately decide the outcome of the world, whether it be mistakes, or positive actions – What humankind does collectively has an influential role on  the outcome of the world. Essentially, I want to tell the viewers “we are in a tricky situation” through this work.   

I created the ‘inner city’ in the orb as a protrusion from the main city, in order to represent the underlaying intensions of humankind.  This inner city is shrouded in a foggy night sky to show that these intensions are hard to see or interpret. 

Meagan Shauf

Hand of Dreams |Clay, Paper, Lightbulb and Wire

Peace at Last |Acrylic on Canvas

Sketchbook |Mixed Media

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough | Acrylic and Spray Paint on Canvas

Art is subjective. Art is symbolic. And in the words of the greats, art is never finished only abandoned. When you lay your head down to sleep at night, what do you dream? Are they colourful and bright? Are they dark and confusing? Do they ever truly finish when you wake up? Or are you left questioning it entirely? Ask yourself, how much of your dreams make sense? Dreams, are the art of the mind. And through art, we project the inner corners of our mind. 

I chose a door because at the same time I was being taught how to open my mind and face my thoughts. Scary and nice. The touch of a 3D element is the art trying to slip into our reality, and the irregularities in the theme give off what my dreams are like. They never make sense and they don’t have a consistent storyline. I wanted to pull what I remember from my dreams and bring it into reality. 

Dreams to me, are what our mind gives us to cope. Nightmares to me, are what our mind gives us to cope. They are the same thing, except one terrifies us and the other gives us a look into what an alternative realty would be like, a reality that we may not mind. We so often just bypass our dreams as things are mind makes up, however we make our minds. Therefore, our nighttime dreams are a projection of us. Us, as in the dusty corners of our mind and the things we have subconsciously downloaded into some plane of existence. 

Without art, I have nothing. Without dreams, I have no art. Therefore, I welcome every dream and nightmare I get because it makes me cherish what I have. 

Maria Mukaibou

Double Vision |Acrylic on Canvas

I want you to see two worlds through the kaleidoscope.

The darker painting shows you a nightmare. I used black, purple, light blue, light green on background, and red, yellow, orange, white, pink, light green on drops and flowers. Through this, we see that even in a dark world that can be cold and somber, we still get a little bit of the lighter world. In other words, there is good in the bad. 

 To me, this nightmare represents someone that is alone in the world, and if that person continues to walk, they will find that there are droplets of light and good things even in their dark path.

In the lighter painting I used purple, red, pink, yellow, orange on background, and light blue and green and purple, white, yellow, green on drops and flowers.

This painting depicts more of a dream-state; I want the viewer to imagine that the person whom this piece represents may be alone, but they are of positive mind, which is represented through the warm colour. This person is positive and strong, but with a touch of darkness in their mind. In this sense, we can see that there is also bad in the good. 

I want to tell the viewer, if we are positive and strong and never give up, we can do it. 

Jeremy Hasler

Clashing Worlds |Spray Paint on Canvas

I have been working on this piece for a couple of months now, and through the process learned a lot about how spray paint can really create anything you put your mind to, it may take some trial and error but the spray paint is a true art and an amazing art. “clashing worlds” was inspired by space and planets then I had the idea to put a white dwarf star (bottom right) and a Supernova (top left) clashing together to imitate to worlds that will never interact with each other but have now suddenly clashed and are fighting. This painting for me has a deep meaning of people or world that would never usually Interact with each other and become friends. This is big to me because my best friend is someone that I never would have thought to meet or even consider And then we suddenly became best friends and are now moving to Australia together, so this painting means a lot to me in the sense that it symbolizes the connection between two worlds or planets that should never have clashed. 

Dylan Combatti

Spooooky Kermit |Spray Paint on Canvas

“Spooooky Kermit” Is an art piece that i have been working on for just over 2 months. Kermit is a fully spray painted piece. He was inspired by my previous art piece “sesame street goes to downtown LA”. “Spooooky Kermit” was a very spontaneous decision to create. He initially started off as a rough doodle. It wasn’t until people had started saying how great of a piece the sketch was, that I decided to go all out and make the final piece. Although a frog may not seem symbolic, this piece to me is very meaningful; his facial

expression may tell the viewer that he has given up or that he has lost hope or doesn’t care. As some say, Spooky Kermit started off as a modernized version of Kermit, and as time went on and the piece progressed, things became “more spooky” as the viewer you get to decide what is spooky about “Spooooky Kermit”.

Harmony Smith

The Gollum |Acrylic, India Ink and Mixed Media on Wood Panel

This piece was inspired by a dream I had when I was 7. It was gollum climbing up my bedpost and reaching out to touch me. I chose this character because as a kid I was very afraid he was going to eat me. I wanted to show whoever is viewing this what my 7 year old self was seeing in the moment by adding a blanket, bedpost, and a grey gollum to stand out from the bedding. I thought of gollum to be an invasion of one’s own home, safe haven, and privacy like a bed.  Although this character used to be very frightening to me, I am not afraid of him anymore. I have grown enough to know that he is not real and it was just a childhood fear I had from being taunted by my older siblings impersonating him.   

Liel Shapiro

Duality of the Night |Mixed Media

My piece “Duality of the Night” has been in my mind for a while now. I got inspired to do this project from season 6 of the TV show, Teen Wolf. Ghosts Riders ride in the night, and are an omen derived from old Norse mythology. Once a ghost rider sees you, you get erased from reality, and spend the rest of eternity in a dimension outside of our normal time and space. Ghost riders can’t move on until everyone in a town is erased. In my opinion, ghost riders represent tragedy to come, or are an omen of death. I enjoy their role and what they represent because it mirrors the chaos that I feel in my own life at times. 

 For this piece, I used a gel medium to get the texture of the mask. I have never used anything like that before so it was a challenging but fun experience. Overall, I really enjoyed creating this piece and am excited to share it. 

Kolby Kneller

Inferno |Acrylic and Spray Paint on Mahogany

All my life I have lived on a mountain side and have loved the seclusion and the views it offers. However, as any one knows, the flip side to living on or near a mountain is the threat of forest fire.  I decided to make it a 3D carving to explore the different effects that can be given from different angles as well to better my skills in the craft. The piece is meant to symbolize the ideal place to live and the risk of the possible nightmare that can happen.