At the beginning of civilization, clay is the first known material where an artistic statement was made. Through the centuries clay evolved from the earliest cave wall images to sculpture and advanced forms such as vases, cups bowls, mosaic art and more. All clay objects made from a simple coil or pinch pot share a message or function from the maker to the user and rituals become an important part of the process too.  

Minerals combined with clay and water are in a very fragile state thus the firing process  becomes necessary in order for clay to become useable, durable and valuable.

 As time goes on clay becomes one of the most important materials known to human kind from the space shuttle to a mere tea cup. 

Potters Addict Ceramic Art Centre was created because of the need and passion to educate others on the therapeutic and creative value of clay. Transforming  a lump of mud into an object which can be delicate, or strong, decorative or rustic,  monumental or miniature, all of which have a unique personal character and role.

Earth, Fire, and Water is on display at the Alternator from March 15 to April 9, 2019.

Join us on March 15 for an opening celebrating two exhibitions: Ian Johnston’s Fine Line: Check Check & Earth, Fire and Water from the Potters Addict Ceramic Arts Studio. The event runs from 6-8pm and snacks are available.