Opening Reception: July 27, 2018, 6-8pm

Emmanuel Aréizaga is an Animation student at the Center of Arts and Technology in Kelowna. His favorite mediums include pencil, pen, charcoal and pastels, but he also enjoys working with acrylics and digital paintings.

Emmanuel’s current work has combined the traditional arts with his passion for 3D animation. His efforts have yielded these anamorphic depictions that have an almost physical presence and give the illusion of 3 dimensional objects. Emmanuel attempts to create an experience for the viewer in which they can interact with his artwork.


In this exhibit, Emmanuel Aréizaga invites the viewer to interact with his artwork (by placing the screen of an electronic device at a particular angle from which the 3D illusion can be best appreciated and becoming part of the work by taking a picture from this angle.)

There is a unique excitement that comes with 3D chalk art. It evokes a sense of wonder when one sees the art come to life, especially for the first time. With his art, Emmanuel tries to break away from the monotony of the everyday life and enter a world of imagination where the impossible can happen, such as a tiger sitting on the living room or a shark breaking through the bathroom floor.

Emmanuel hopes to further develop his 3D illusions into more realistic and interactive works of art for Kelowna and it’s vibrant community.