Interstice, presented by the UBC Okanagan Intermission Series, is a collection of works by artists who explore place and the spaces within.

Alison Trim, Vanessa Figueroa, Will Hoffman, Sarah Polak, Pip Dryden, Ann Richards and Charles Landa have all created works that explore how we navigate, respond to, and interact with the spaces we experience. The brief moments we occupy space are interstices, which refers to a space that intervenes between things, or a time between events. During this time, we colour physical locations with personal experience, but are also influenced by the spaces in which we exist. These spaces mold our identities and influence the way we interact, whether that is with other spaces, people, or concepts.

This exhibition contains artists from the BFA program at UBCO. Some are from the Okanagan, while others come from elsewhere. Some artists have responded to the landscape, natural and/or social, while others utilize their experiences of permanent residence within the Okanagan. This exhibition is as much about identity as it is about space, as all the artists utilize personal experience to interpret the places we reside in or come from.

Interstice will be on veiw at the Alternator from May 2 to May 11, 2019. A reception will be held on May 2 at 6pm.