Sequestered Elements is a thesis exhibition by MFA Student Joe Fowler that sheds light on the material culture of coastal regions of Newfoundland. Fishing nets, anchors, and lobster traps are some of the objects under investigation in this folk-art-inspired sculptural installation. Culturally revered nautical objects are altered and re-engineered ad-hoc to provoke a discussion on the traditional ways on making, mass production, and symbols of industry.

Joe Fowler is an interdisciplinary artist from Newfoundland inspired by his home province’s culture of resourcefulness and adaptability, which is a response to isolation, scarcity, and living in an unforgiving natural environment. He creates art work that expands on a rich tradition of creating things – tools, furniture, shelter, vehicles – from whatever is lying around. This way of making objects is inextricably linked to cultural identity in places where people are united by circumstances that put creativity and resilience at the forefront of everyday living.

Sequestered Elements will be on view at the Alternator from April 12 to May 4, 2019. A reception will be held on May 3 from 6-8pm.