January 31 – March 15, 2014

Mackie’s large-scale wall drawing has an extraordinary presence, depicting tempests of ocean, wind, and seafaring vessel. The artist’s imagery appears on both the wall and the containing glass, giving the illustration even more dimension.

The drawing installation is inspired by the humbling qualities of what Mackie likes to think of as the vast unknowns – the sea and the sky. Everything on Earth is composed of stardust – from our human bodies, to the air we breathe and water we drink. In creating a temporary installation in this window space, Mackie is exploring connections between our selves, our world, and our universe – at this very moment. Duende is a Hispanic word meaning passion, inspiration, and spirit, which are values that the artist holds as fundamental.

Jolene Mackie is a Kelowna-based artist trained in painting and graphic design. She has exhibited and sold work in Vancouver, Melbourne, and Edinburgh. Mackie was a director and founding member of the artist run centre 221A in Vancouver, BC, and is currently an active resident artist at the heART school in downtown Kelowna.