Is the human experiment working?

To change, we must see what we have created exactly as it is. To deny, avoid, and delegate is not working.

Katharine Doyle Almas explores these concepts in her painting series, Reality.  In reaction to current events and media, she fills her paintings with provocative imagery. Each is a reflection on an aspect of humanity that we as a society would rather look away from. Almas asks the viewer to confront these truths head on. Through powerful symbolism and colour composition she creates emotion and conflict within the viewer which demands reflection, with the hopeful undercurrent that knowledge can lead to change.

Almas’ formal training includes the Vancouver School of Art, Banff School of Fine Arts and the Peter Aspell school of Abstract Design. Over the years she has taught art to students of all skill levels and walks of life. For thirteen years Almas was the artistic director for Upper Lynn Elementary School in North Vancouver. She works primarily with mediums, oil, acrylic, and alcohol inks.

Reality will be on display from October 19th to November 10th. There will be an opening reception for 6-8pm on Friday, October 19th.