January 19 – March 3, 2018

Opening Reception January 19 @ 9pm

Where: Kettle River Brewing Co. 731 Baillie Ave

In partnership with the Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art, Kettle River Brewing provides an informal, alternative exhibition space for emerging contemporary artists to exhibit works.

Existing along the walls of social space, Strange Company (2017) is a body of collaged, life-sized post-human forms that appear seated at the tables where the public will join them, unbound by gallery etiquette and provoking engagement. Spliced male/female, living/dead, human/animal, race, arthropod, and botanical images destabilize the normative white human individual and create a majority that deem the viewer “the other” or “the outsider”, regardless of race, sex, or orientation. Strange Company provides not only abnormal companionship in a social setting, but also company in the sense of theatrical players of a visual narrative, offering a renewed formulation of the normative human.

Applying mixed media techniques to found images including National Geographic magazines, Rachel Mercer’s work relies on skilled collage-based manipulations and alterations to create compositions and interpretations of the original images. Mercer’s work is informed by background in psychology and often contains strong themes of relationship and identity that lead the viewer to examine her images as narratives. For more information visit www.rachelmercer.ca.