June 29 – July 3, 2017

Rethink 150: Indigenous Truth was a collaborative project led by members of the Okanagan Syilx First Nation that encouraged people to rethink the celebration of Canada 150 by drawing attention to the settler colonial context of the Okanagan and the long history of Indigenous peoples on their lands. Rethink 150: Indigenous Truth used artistic interventions in multiple media, scales, and locations to tell truths about Syilx generosity to early settlers, residential schools, stolen lands and damaged ecosystems, and ongoing Syilx vitality, and working to open public space for these truths, to generate cross-cultural listening and learning, to envision new ways of living together, and to leave a lasting, material legacy that can help transform landscapes and communities in the Okanagan.

Participating artists in the exhibition include Cheryl Arnouse, Sandra Cook, Cori Derrickson, Angus Dickie, Noel Ferguson, Csetkwe Fortier, Joanne Gervais, Cathy Gottfriedson, Joanne Hammond, Carrie Karsgaard, Candace Kuntz, Anita Large, Diane Larsback, Sheldon Pierre Louis, Amber Nedelec,Crystal Przybille, George Saddleman (Okanagan Upper Nicola),Jeska Slater, Dale M. Stonechild, Meg Yamamoto, Hans Weemering, Meghan Wise, and David Lloyd Wilson. 

  • Rethink 150 June 29 - July 3, 2017