Opening Reception: August 31, 2018, 6-8pm

August 31 – September 22

S.C. Jean is a Kelowna based visual artist and painter. Her artistic efforts are concerned with growth and self expression. Her paintings are influenced by the sights and sounds of everyday life, each one an experience in time that is left to stand still.

This series of  paintings was created to reflect moments that Jean experienced in the Okanagan. Painting these subjects gives the viewer a chance to stop and recognize something that is often ignored. Each painting was a momentary meeting of brush and canvas. Jeans’ artistic efforts are a representation of discovering self awareness as an artist. This awareness transcends through her  photography and art. S.C. Jean has been painting since 2012 and loves painting and photography. It satisfies her desire to hold an emotion or sight, to look back at her own perspective and the perspectives of others.