Kettle River Brewing

Susan Bizecki: Prominent Features

“Prominent features” are a series of fibre sculptures constructed of various transparent fabrics and fibre fill. In this group of work, Susan Bizecki reflects on our current cultural shift on gender identification and how we identify ourselves within the context of gender differences. Who do we identify as? Where do these definitions fit in the…

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Opening Reception: Friday, March 23, 7-9 pm Exhibition hosted by Kettle River Brewing Co.  Electrifusion is a photographic series of high voltage light paintings. In this exhibition, Paul Lewendon explores the spectrum of colours emitted during high voltage arcing. At times, this includes the use of an industrial 15,000 volt transformer – standard household voltage is just 120 volts. While the images presented here…

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January 19 – March 3, 2018 Opening Reception January 19 @ 9pm Where: Kettle River Brewing Co. 731 Baillie Ave In partnership with the Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art, Kettle River Brewing provides an informal, alternative exhibition space for emerging contemporary artists to exhibit works. Existing along the walls of social space, Strange Company (2017) is…

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