Offsite Exhibition

Alternator ArtMart

May 2 – July 6, 2019 The Alternator ArtMart is a vending machine filled with art from local artists. Visitors can buy artwork directly from the machine. We have ten fantastic artists who have each created a series of objects for us: Things to wear, things to use, things to look at, and things to make you think….

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Susan Bizecki: Prominent Features

“Prominent features” are a series of fibre sculptures constructed of various transparent fabrics and fibre fill. In this group of work, Susan Bizecki reflects on our current cultural shift on gender identification and how we identify ourselves within the context of gender differences. Who do we identify as? Where do these definitions fit in the…

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David Jacob Harder’s Tired Sphere explores how the environment is changing in unforeseen ways as a result of industrialization, development and expansion. Rooted in an investigation of the growth and decay of organic materials, his practice creates avenues for physical engagement with animate and inanimate materials. Ponderosa Sphere by artist David Jacob Harder was unveiled last…

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