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Chloe Corbet: CONCRETE

CONCRETE symbolizes the industrial spaces that inspire Corbet’s work. It is solid, placed, and finalized — a permanence-space. This permanence-space is the intersection of aesthetics and utility that my work explores. The prints are mining materiality/utility for its aesthetics. This mining process is used to set up a discourse around the way that materials are…

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Christopher Lacroix – Part One: There is a minimum to operate properly

January 24 – March 7, 2020 Through performance, video, photography, and text-based works, Christopher Lacroix’s practice interrogates the relentless effort of queer existence, an existence that both desires and rejects a normative system that makes deviant ways of being inadequate. The paradox of aspiration and refusal results in a crisis of self which Lacroix enacts…

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