Date:  April 24th, at 8pm sharp (doors 7:30pm)
Location: Milkcrate Records (527 Lawrence Avenue, Kelowna, BC)
Tickets: Admission at the door is $20 for the public and $15 for students and Alternator members.  Tickets can be purchased at the door or in advance at Milkcrate Records or at the Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art inside the Rotary Centre for the Arts.

Experimental Sound Poet Presents Provocative Performance

Internationally celebrated avant-garde vocalist and poet Jaap Blonk will be in concert on April 24th at Milkcrate Records in downtown Kelowna.  This concert is the twenty-seventh installment of the Skin And Bones Music Series.  Now in its third year of production, Skin And Bones is an Okanagan Arts Award nominated concert series dedicated to the presentation of experimental music in the Okanagan, produced through the Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art.

Hailing from the Netherlands, Jaap is a self-taught composer, performer, and poet who has performed all over the world and has worked with many other musicians including Mats Gustafsson, Joan La Barbara, and The Ex.  With an astonishing range of extended vocal techniques such as multiphonics – singing/voicing two or more pitches at the same time, guttural growls, percussive fricatives, palatal clicks and lip smacks, Jaap performs with an almost childlike freedom underpinned by a virtuosic compositional sense.  While generating an array of inconceivable sounds with his voice, Jaap will often manually manipulate his face or throat for further effect, creating a performance that is both startling and comical.  Jaap has worked for radio and television, including several commissioned radio plays, and has made numerous recordings for VICTO, Monotype Records, and his own self-made record label Kontrans.  For this concert Jaap will be presenting his own solo composition Dr. Voxoid’s Next Move for voice and electronics.  At about 30 to 45 minutes in length, Dr. Voxoid’s Next Move is a work of variable parameters and structures, often determined just beforehand and possibly changed even during performance.  Other elements include sound poetry (written by Jaap or occasionally quoted from the available canon of other ‘classic’ authors), layered soundscapes, invented language(s), phonetic etudes, and improvisations.  After the solo performance Jaap will be joined by local improvising musicians guitarist David Geraghty, percussionist Bjorn van Haalen, and saxophonist/bassoonist Darren Williams for a collaborative set.



For more information about the Skin & Bones Music Series or to purchase season passes, click here.