February 2 – February 18, 2017

The Content of Sue’s current body of work is loosely based on her observations of the advertising world and the enduring imagery thats is created within it. She is interested in how common signs, symbols, and objects are manipulated to create new meanings and how images gain the ownership that they often do.

This body of work is centred around symbols and objects that are merged together in ways that present an illusion of belonging together, and yet clash at the same time. Many of the objects she chose are both common and innocuous in and of themselves. Combined together they become uneasy and procure a level of insecurity, instability and both.

Sue works with fabric extensively and so she wanted to produce images in a form that resembles banners, both rigid in their state and yet slightly flexible. She chose window screening as the material. Sue felt it spoke both the transparency of the images and also the impenetrable nature of objects we associate with certain meanings. Working with the screening allowed me to fix the objects on in a way that they could be looked at and looked through at the same time. Fixed in their presence but always slightly transparent.

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