“Prominent features” are a series of fibre sculptures constructed of various transparent fabrics and fibre fill.

In this group of work, Susan Bizecki reflects on our current cultural shift on gender identification and how we identify ourselves within the context of gender differences. Who do we identify as? Where do these definitions fit in the broader spectrum of individuality and the right to describe ourselves by our inner beliefs rather than described features. The figures in this installation are reduced down to basic forms and stripped of most of their identifying features other than those associated with gender identification. The characteristics that are present rely on the use of colors and shapes that have been associated with traditional labeling of gender identification.

Susan Bizecki is a Kelowna based multi media artist. Most of practice lives in the space between installation, video work or both. She enjoys experimenting with fabric and other materials. She is currently working on some large scale fibre sculptures with an interest in current climate of environmentalism.