September 16 – October 29, 2015

I find beauty in the strange, the dark, the madcap and the silly. I’m interested in the unique and unpredictable in a story over a happy ending. In this body of work I have taken a well-loved children’s tale and re-imagined it as if Lewis Carrol had lived in the 60’s on the underside of New York when he authored it Gazing at this tale from a different angle to emphasize the importance of story telling in society and how a stories’ message can affect collective thought. The idea that the interpretation can vary greatly from light, playful and innocent to ominous and troubled. What draws some the the socially accepted light and yet coaxes others inexplicably to the perverse glory of the dark?

I do not have a plan when I begin a painting. This is un-nerving! I may begin with an image or a shape. I use colour as an essential form of communication and graphite lines in a reckless, errant way. At a certain point the direction of the painting becomes clear to me and I am no longer overwhelmed in a party of possibilities (relief!) The original markings could disappear altogether or remain peaking through as I work in and out of the painting with paint, lines and any manner of tools.

Though figurative images may appear I am not concerned with realistic representation. In fact I am happiest when a painting achieves a kind of jagged, twitchy finish. As a child’s creation might. I hope to incite feelings of happy abandon, perhaps a touch of uneasiness and a somewhat compelling need to look again.